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CaPa Creative specialise in Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Azure, digital transformation and developing solutions.

Providing you a design and technical architecture for the solution that fits in with your organisation or technical challenge

Build a feature or component to tailor your implementation to your needs

Training and Knowledge Transfer
Work with your staff and ICT teams to train and build up knowledge of Microsoft services and solutions

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Catherine has recently been providing me with tailored Office 365 training, particularly in Word and Excel, I was able to provide her with a list of (quite random and frustrating!) things I couldn’t do, and she then provided step by step instructions while stood next to me at my computer. Catherine is very patient and logical and I was able to write each step down as we went, she also provided me with detailed screen shot based instructions for me to refer to in the future. I’m currently writing my next list of random queries and will be booking another training session soon!

Helen Waddington – Trainee from HKW Risk Management

Paul is an absolute pleasure to work with. His detailed technical knowledge and natural ability to talk in plain English to the business and then develop often complex solutions was quite something. He pays attention to detail and is extremely thorough in both development and testing. He produced excellent documentation which means he has left a good legacy for us. I thorough recommend him as a SharePoint Developer

Debra Jones -Project Manager at Natural Resources Wales