Good Bye and Thank You!

Thank you for the interest in our company, we are in the process of closing down the company and not taking on new business. Feel free to continue to browse the blogs – we will be moving these to a new location.

Recent Posts

Azure Automation to the Rescue – Session at Scottish Summit 2021

Hopefully, you have seen my session at the Scottish summit for “Azure Automation to the rescue, PnP PowerShell your way to the fun stuff”, whist quite a lengthy title, talks about how you can leverage Azure cloud services to offload…

How to see the documentation for Classic PnP PowerShell

So, are you looking for the documentation site for the classic (SharePointPnPPowerShellOnline module) on You may have noticed that it has now been updated with the new and shiny documentation for the modern PnP.PowerShell module with details on all…

Running the Cross-Platform PnP PowerShell on a Raspberry Pi

On Friday 9th Oct 2020, Erwin van Hunen, the “father” on PnP PowerShell announced on Twitter the release of the next major version of PnP PowerShell with cross-platform support, running on PowerShell Core. So naturally, like a kid with a…

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