Create SharePoint environments with AutoSPInstaller

Yo Pros! We have found this fantastic tool to help setup farms quickly that we had to share with you!

It’s our fifth project now requiring multiple SharePoint farms to support the ALM process for Dev, Test, Production; which was needed to built quickly whilst maintaining best practice and consistency.

We can unknowingly introduce small differences in deploying each farm. Lunch, tea breaks, consulting, distraction, distraction, distraction…. this is common in the workplace, but if you miss a step then the farms can become further apart in their quality and thus introduce risk and artifacts in deployments that were not expected.

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Fixing the trust relationship issue for old VMs

Restoring archived VMs, only to find that the trust relationship between the VM and AD has failed. This is an age old problem that I have encountered throughout my time working with VMs and SharePoint development environments.

I have found a great reference for fixing this issue by Thomas Balkeståhl and his blog post: Fix: The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed

The key take-away from this blog:

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List App Principle Expiry in SharePoint Online

In a recent scenario with a client, we started to notice that some apps created over a year ago have started to expire. After investigating the cause, the default lifetime for an Client ID and Secret is 1 year, Yikes!

Once this has expired your apps will stop working!  It is worth knowing when these principles expire, so from the Microsoft articles we have extracted the PowerShell used to list when these apps could expire.

Prerequisites before running the script

  • Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant is installed on the development computer.
  • Microsoft Online Services PowerShell Module (32-bit; 64-bit) is installed on the development computer.
  • You need to be a tenant administrator for the Office 365 tenant where the add-in was registered with.


The code for listing apps and their expiry is fairly straight forward and much of it is provided on MSDN, we have made a few tweaks to output to CSV, for tenants with large amounts of apps.

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