Using PnP Office 365 CLI in Azure Shell

At the European SharePoint Conference 2017 in the Hackathon results session, Waldek Mastykarz from the PnP team announced the Office365 CLI which gives you the ability to manage an Office 365 on any platform.

We had the idea to run this inside the Azure Shell, giving you the ability to manage the Office 365 platform on any device including mobile Azure app. Awesome!

Initially, this proved to be challenging at the start because running the npm install with the global flag generates an permissions denied error and the command requires elevation.


Example connection error when running the NPM install command


It doesn’t appear to be a feature of the shell to let the user elevate so we were stuck on installing this package; but we managed to find another Microsoft resource to change the NPM config and run the installation and the Office 365 CLI in the Azure Shell.

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Build function app with cloud shell on your iPhone

On the usual train travels to my current client, I had planned to build a Azure Function App for a upcoming project on my Surface Pro but the train that turned up was so busy it was standing room only.

So, in a huge moment of geekiness, I thought let’s give the new Azure Cloud Shell a go… on the train… on my iPhone…eek!

Getting started

To get started, you will need an Azure subscription. Next go to the iPhone app store and grab the Azure app –

Open the app and sign in to your Azure subscription.

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Upcoming SharePoint WebHooks

This summer is looking like an awesome period for new development features and the Office PnP team recently published a web cast on SharePoint Web Hooks in Office 365, although this is not yet released, the public preview for first release tenants will be due this summer.

So what are Web Hooks?

Web Hooks are an asynchronous push mechanism to provide notification to a remote endpoint for changes. In the context of SharePoint, this would be similar to Remote Event Receivers that trigger a remote call when changes are made to the subscribed resource i.e. lists or web.

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Uservoice: Want a new feature or have a great idea for Microsoft?

Young businessman with a megaphone
Have your say…

Have an idea, groan or want to input on new and existing features? Microsoft recently have started to use User Voice sites to allows customers to input on new and existing features.

 This is a great way to allow you to voice your requirements to feed into the product offerings. If the feature you suggest has enough votes with the community of users then Microsoft may include this into a future release. There may also be other suggestions useful to you and your organisation, then vote on it, the greater ideas’ popularity will become the more likely it will be incorporated.

It does work, I have submitted a few ideas myself and voted on existing ideas that have come to fruition.

Examples include:

You have a limited number of votes on your own idea and others, however once the site administrator has either completed or declined your idea these get returned to you.

It’s a good idea to provide as much information as possible to the suggestion to help the tech guys the other end understand the problem your idea is trying to solve.

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