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Implementing 404 custom page on Communication Site

Want a better looking 404 page for modern communication sites, I have found a way to use a modern page as a 404 at the site collection level. We have known for a while now, that classic SharePoint sites support custom 404 pages and redirects to the PageNotFoundError.aspx page - so lets apply this to modern sites.

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Communication Sites: Show me the news (pages)

When working in the Site Contents area of Communication Sites, within the Site Pages area, I find it quite difficult to see which are 'news' and which are 'pages'. So when is a page, a news item? - when it…

Getting started with the SharePoint Starter Kit from the PnP team

Lots of exciting announcements from the SharePoint 2018 conference in Las Vagas, but one area I started to play with is the newest sp-starter-kit project from PnP. However, there isn’t much in the way of documentation (yet), so I thought…

Importance of aligned SharePoint Development environments

In numerous projects I have seen development environments that resemble nothing like production. Only to result in a problematic transition through the ALM process, bugs caused by inconsistency, significant differences in SharePoint updates, configuration and even permissions. I am not…