Gulp Task Runner – Failed to load in VS2015

I am working on a project, using open-source development techniques, similar to the SharePoint Framework (i.e. using Node.js, Gulp, SASS, Typescript and Angular) to aid my development of a SharePoint-Hosted app.


When working in Visual Studio 2015 (with update 3) with Node.js tools installed, I needed to re-install the NPM modules and found after this, the Gulp Tasks are not loaded properly showing the following error:

Task Runner Error

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Uservoice: Want a new feature or have a great idea for Microsoft?

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Have your say…

Have an idea, groan or want to input on new and existing features? Microsoft recently have started to use User Voice sites to allows customers to input on new and existing features.

 This is a great way to allow you to voice your requirements to feed into the product offerings. If the feature you suggest has enough votes with the community of users then Microsoft may include this into a future release. There may also be other suggestions useful to you and your organisation, then vote on it, the greater ideas’ popularity will become the more likely it will be incorporated.

It does work, I have submitted a few ideas myself and voted on existing ideas that have come to fruition.

Examples include:

You have a limited number of votes on your own idea and others, however once the site administrator has either completed or declined your idea these get returned to you.

It’s a good idea to provide as much information as possible to the suggestion to help the tech guys the other end understand the problem your idea is trying to solve.

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EPPlus: Want to create spreadsheets programmatically?

I have worked with this API on a project and it is very easy to use and would recommend it if you want to create no fuss spreadsheets.

 The functionality available to you is a good range, the ratings are good and the contributors and authors regularly release updates and new builds to indicate a thriving development process.

Where to get EPPlus?

NuGet Site –
NuGet Command – Install-Package EPPlus

Package and Documentation: