CaPa Creative

Our Key Values

  • Innovation – to creatively develop solutions and solve problems improving your organisation and building the people within to proactively ensure effect operations.
  • Quality – working to the highest standard, ensuring work and solutions are tested, built to best practice and documented thoroughly.
  • People – to communicate complex or technical information in an understandable way. Building and working with people to develop the essential skills to navigate around the technologies in a very practical way.
  • Integrity – to operate in an open-source manor, but to diligently work to ensure security, legal and business policies are adhered to.

What CaPa Creative offers?

The whole solution or a part of it. Working as a team we can offer:

  • Architecting Solutions for Office 365, SharePoint and Azure
  • Development of solutions for Office 365, SharePoint and Azure
  • Training and knowledge transfer of Office 365 and SharePoint solutions
  • Project management consultancy

How we work

Complete Package of Work including any of: Design, Governance, Development and Configuration, Testing, Delivery, Knowledge Transfer and Documentation.

On-demand Training on site to deliver a training course for pre-agreed days to complete rapid training alongside roll out of a solution. Alternatively we supply a range of courses to cover:

  • complete beginner/new starter to office 365
  • more advanced features for specialist teams e.g content editors
  • those that need a bit of CPD or want to know about advanced features
  • help teams to stay up to date with new Microsoft releases and become more effective at working collaboratively
  • Q&A sessions

Our clients

  • Welsh Government
  • Nomensa
  • Natural Resources Wales
  • HKW Risk Management
  • OneChurch Bristol
  • Red Cortex
  • Welsh Revenue Authority


Take a look at Paul’s or Catherine’s profile to find out more about the team.

Because we are passionate about sharing openly about what we have found useful we also like to blog about the industries latest technical releases for developers and helpful office 365 information for end users. Please take a look at our website for more of these.


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