Communication Sites: A first look at the modern page title area changes

The word STORY printed on clothespin clipped cards in front of defocused glowing lights.
The word STORY printed on clothespin clipped cards in front of defocused glowing lights.

The modern page title area change has reached one of our tenants! These new options give your pages, an article-like feel, with the emphasis on the title, author and a little teaser description to entice the readers.

Screen shot of new Title Area

The new changes allow you to use 4 new layouts, which surprised me, as I thought only 1 new option would be released. These layouts are “Images and Text”, “Plain”, “Color Block” and “Overlap”.

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In addition, you can control the alignment of the title, add text above the title, to provide the teaser and show the publish date; these look pretty sweet when you enable the options!

Screen shot of the additional metadata that you can put on the title area
Finally, you can pay credit to the article author (Author Byline) by switching out the name shown to readers. You do this by hovering over the name, which shows the option to replace the author.

Screen shot of the page authorScreen shot of an empty author in the title area

Which you can see the results in the news web part.

Screen shot of an updated author from the title area shown in the news web part

Behind the scenes, the author uses the “Author Byline” field in the pages library instead of Created (Author) field as shown. If this field is empty, then the “Author Byline” value will not show on the page itself and it does not revert to other column values say from Created field. News Web Parts will use “Created” value if the “Author Byline” is empty.

Screen shot of the page's library metadata view

Loving these new tweaks coming out from Microsoft, after looking back at past projects with Communication sites these gradual improvements to the out of the box are very welcomed… keep going Microsoft!

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