Tip 002… put a pin in it!

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Do you have important documents, infrequently used, in a buried location but want to find them quickly? Then put a pin in it!

In Microsoft Office 2016, for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher, when you go to open a new document hover your mouse to the right of it until you see the little pin icon appear. Click it to ‘Pin this item to the list‘.

It will then appear at the top of you files every time you go to open a file – easy access to important documents.

To unpin, just click it again.

Screen shot of Word recent files with a document pinned to the top

In Microsoft Office 365, on the Office.com page, you can also pin any document that you have access to. Take a look at your recent files and hover to the right of one you would like to pinĀ until you see the little pin icon appear. Click it to ‘Add to pinned‘.

Screen shot of online recent documents, with the 'add to pinned' button highlighted

It will then appear in the Pinned list as below – easy access to those important documents.

To unpin, just click it again from the Pinned list to ‘Remove from Pinned‘.

Screen shot of online documents. pinned documents

Note: This is not particularly useful for documents you use a lot as those are always available in the ‘Recent’ list of docs already, unless the number of docs you open in an hour is very high and you need things at warp-speed then important frequently used ones might find this useful too.

Note: Other 365 apps where appropriate tend to use favourites/stars or bookmarks instead of pins, which show within the specific app e.g. favourite plans or sites but I will save that for a later tip… watch this space.

Go on, try it out and let me know how you get on.

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