I’m back

It’s an incredible gift, to be able to stay home to raise my boys for 6 years and I have loved it (mostly)! Like others returning to work from long-term sickness or a raising children gap, I am not the same person as the one who left a busy, intense, focused work life. The passions and priorities I have now make the previous life quite unrecognisable.


However, the drive to work, to use my brain, to network, to make a difference to public sector organisations and teams of people hasn’t faded. The need I have to coordinate schedules, be proactive, to work hard, to solve problems to reach the end goal hasn’t faded …Have you guessed what I used to do yet?

Yes, I used to be a digital project manager working for various public sector organisations: local council on child protection software, delivering a new College website and intranet… etc. I have presented to boards of executives, run user analysis workshops, documented end of project analysis that has been exampled in SouthWest, worked with technical teams to creatively solve problems, trained end users to use new software… etc. I was only really just starting out and I loved it.

I don’t believe that I could give it ‘my all’ to a career in this area in the same way; not whilst still trying to be the best mum that I can be. You see the responsibilities for my children are still there, the energy required for them is still required, the love and desire I have to be with them is still there. I need to find a career that I can balance with them.  You may know what this is like. Fit for work doesn’t mean you don’t still have health related issues, things that are simply harder to do now, there are emotional complications, tiredness. But we can make it work and we will get there!

I am not, nor never been, the sort of person to sit still… In the last 6 years have also run a toddler group, a Christian home group and organised several events for various causes, I still do some charity web editing, am a school Governor, and work for CaPa Creative and HMW Risk Management in terms of basic financial, marketing and operational support pieces of work… I am always up for helping others when there is a need for it.

Now it’s time for me to get back to something else I enjoy, IT training. Specifically training people in Office 365, SharePoint and other bespoke technologies that is going to really help their productivity, team collaboration, and continual personal development. I really enjoy train the trainer type courses, it’s something I have done before, and I get to access a wide range of interesting people and projects in the process. I can also do any part of project support or consultancy to deliver specific parts of a project quite easily from that position too.

How am I going to jump back in? Well with preparation and being proactive. I have a training programme in place to get my digital skills back up to date. I am really excited to get started and I look forward to letting you know:

  • what I learn
  • what resources are out there to help with learning and returning to work
  • how I get on

Wish me luck and feel free to help make suggestions as I go!

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