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Where to start after months or years of no tech… Yep, exploring! Take some time to just re-familiarise yourself with what’s on offer… buttons move, things look different, there are more options – but the essence of what the app does is still the same.

Most apps are intuitive to use and designed for ease of use. If you don’t know, try to do it on your own instinct “if I was a merge button or a planner app, where would I be? If I wanted to add people to my team, how would I do it?” Chances are you can find out how to do things by simply having a go.

But I might break it, mess up my work, lose my work..? Not likely!

  • Make sure you have a saved copy (looks like most Apps automatically sync or save now rather than always pressing the save button every 2 mins! Helpful)
  • If something goes wrong… use the ‘undo’ button or ‘Ctrl+ Z’ keys.
  • If you are unsure how to undo what you are doing, test it on a safe document or environment first. When it works then have a go on your own work.
  • Next thing to do… google it! Someone else out there has already asked your question, had your problem and struggled through this before you. Point is don’t waste your time!

If you are looking to learn something specific in office 365 for example, how to assign tasks in planner or add people to a group site – Microsoft have a great training area to get you started… take a look when you get a sec: https://support.office.com/office-training-center/


Why don’t you simply start off just look at what is now available by looking at ‘Explore all your apps’.


apps learn moreThe descriptions are great and you can ‘Learn more’, which takes you to lots of basic training and instruction materials.

These come in lots of different delivery methods: videos, transcripts, examples, ‘try it’ scenarios, info-graphics, to make it easy and interesting. There is always a search option on the page (usually in the top right) too so you can ask a direct question too.

Enjoy exploring and let me know how you get on!

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