Build function app with cloud shell on your iPhone

On the usual train travels to my current client, I had planned to build a Azure Function App for a upcoming project on my Surface Pro but the train that turned up was so busy it was standing room only.

So, in a huge moment of geekiness, I thought let’s give the new Azure Cloud Shell a go… on the train… on my iPhone…eek!

Getting started

To get started, you will need an Azure subscription. Next go to the iPhone app store and grab the Azure app –

Open the app and sign in to your Azure subscription.

Click on Cloud Shell by default I used Bash and Azure CLI. Next, you will need to setup a storage account for the shell if this is your first time; I had already set this up before the post.

Now the shell is ready to use. I am not so familiar with Azure CLI syntax so I followed the docs site example to get started; go to safari to grab the how to from the awesome new Microsoft Docs site –

Setup the function app

Create the resource group

In the example, you first setup a resource group; you won’t need to do this if you already have one you prefer to use.

Example CLI command:

az group create –name CPDemo-Provision –location northeurope

Create a storage account

Example CLI Command:

az storage account create –name cpstdlrsstgdemo –location northeurope –resource-group CPDemo-Provision –sku Standard_LRS

Create the function app

Example CLI:

az functionapp create –name CPDemo-Fn-Provision-PnP –storage-account cpstdlrsstgdemo –resource-group CPDemo-Provision –consumption-plan-location northeurope

Deploy a quick start

Finally deploy some code to check out the app working. Run the following CLI command:

az functionapp deployment source config –name CPDemo-Fn-Provision-PnP –resource-group CPDemo-Provision –branch master –repo-url –manual-integration

Finally see it in action

CLI Command:


See super cool from your phone, anywhere, anytime.

Some things to watch out for…

This is in preview at the time of writing this post, so found a few bugs in the Cloud Shell including:

  • Using iPhone Notes app was painful for editing commands when copied from the docs site — and “ types in Notes app use these characters which were wrong and the shell rejects when pasting in the shell and running the command; the shell would not recognise them
  • A tunnel never helps
  • Intermittent paste from notes app
  • Multiple restarts after each command shell as this wouldn’t accept input possibly due to poor signal issues (although the signal bar was obscured from view)

Tip: You don’t need speech marks around the names that don’t have spaces

Other than that it’s very easy to create resources in Azure with the shell; go on have a try yourself.

Next steps…

To get started with this tool, we recommend the following resources:


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