Gulp Task Runner – Failed to load in VS2015

I am working on a project, using open-source development techniques, similar to the SharePoint Framework (i.e. using Node.js, Gulp, SASS, Typescript and Angular) to aid my development of a SharePoint-Hosted app.


When working in Visual Studio 2015 (with update 3) with Node.js tools installed, I needed to re-install the NPM modules and found after this, the Gulp Tasks are not loaded properly showing the following error:

Task Runner Error

and the output window is showing this error:



So after some quick Googling on the issue I found the answer on Stack Overflow (see references). The issue occurs because Visual Studio and Windows have different versions of Node.js i.e. 32-bit vs 64-bit and wrong one is being loaded for the node-sass module.

In Visual Studio 2015, go to Tools > Options >  Projects and Solutions > External Web Tools

External Web Tools in Visual Studio 2015

Change “$(PATH)” to load above “$(VSINSTALLDIR)\Web\External”

External Web Tools in Visual Studio 2015 - Fixed

Click OK, go back to the Task Runner Explorer and click the Refresh icon.

Working Gulp Task Runner

Hope this helps anyone who is encountering this issue.


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