Keeping up to date with Office 365

South And North Pole And All Things Related

One of the challenging aspects of working with Office 365, isn’t the technology itself but keeping up with the pace of change, new features, API’s, changes to existing features and with Office 365 hosted in Azure, having to know what services and changes are being made on the core platform is also necessary to keep up to date with.

I’m not complaining, the value that is added frequently to the platform is amazing and lots of new features and development opportunities is quite exciting. But in order to know when changes happen, I have compiled a list of frequent resources and blogs to keep in the know:

Office 365 Blog:, the latest public announcements and case studies from Microsoft. Any major new feature or change will be blogged here.

Office 365 Roadmap:, at the time of writing this post, there are currently 107 new features in development, 61 features rolling out across the world, first release will see these first and finally 34 features launched to everyone. That’s a lot of change to be aware of.

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