Document your farm

Whilst on a project that involved building several SharePoint farms, I wanted to complete my documentation with the actual layout and build of the farms.

During my research of documentation tools, I found a very useful and free way to get an inventory for your SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 environment using a PowerShell script written by James Hammonds, on TechNet:

Inventory SharePoint Farm Content PowerShell Script

To run the script, you first need to load into memory using “. .\Inventory-SPFarm.ps1″, note the space between the two periods, then run:

[code language=”powershell” gutter=”false”]
Run-FullInventory -LogFilePrefix “TestEnv1_” -DestinationFolder “C:\Docs”

This will produce a series of CSV files with the details of your farm. Be careful which drive you output to, the article does warn it can produce large log files.


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